The Blame GAME: Tami Roman blames ‘BBW’ producers for negativity

Tami Roman understands  why celebrities like Star Jones and TV viewers are tired of the negativity on “Basketball Wives,” but she suggests they should direct their complaints toward the show’s producers, not the stars.
“I think that the opposition to call for the show to be cancelled will end the employment of several African-American women who have no creative control. Why not call out the people who make the decisions about what is aired. Call out Shed Media. Call out VH1 because I will join that battle,” Tami told S2S. “Why call for several people to be unemployed that really have nothing to do with the creative process?”
Tami said she and her co-stars have had many discussions about bringing more positive images to the show, but even though camera crews are there when the ladies are uplifting their communities, that doesn’t make it onto the show.
“I come with my storyline and things that I want to introduce and lo and behold what they want to show are those dramatic moments. There is more to us,” Tami said.
Tami said the direction the series has taken is so far from what she expected, she has thought about calling it quits.
“I have thought about leaving,” she said. “I would love to see a season 5 where VH1 and Shed Media are called out to show more positive things that we’re doing and show us how we are 90 percent of the time, instead of how we are 10 percent of the time. I would love to see the brand in and of itself go out on a more positive note.”
While Tami blames the production company and network for what fans see, she doesn’t make excuses for her actions.
“What they are seeing is a part of my personality. I’m not trying to take back my actions, but that’s not who I am all the time,” said Tami, adding that she has learned a few things about herself from watching past seasons.
“I wasn’t happy with the situation with Meeka [Claxton] and myself. We might not ever like each other, but it didn’t have to come to that. That made me ask, ‘Tami, why are you so mean to people?’ Tami had to come real with things she hasn’t dealt with, and so I chose to deal with them this season.”
Tami hasn’t been involved in any physical altercations on the current season, but she doesn’t pass judgment on her co-stars who’ve engaged in a few fisticuffs. She just doesn’t support the violence.
“We show our flaws. We learn and develop as individuals. I can’t judge Evelyn [Lozada]. She has to work toward change. People don’t give us the benefit of the doubt or take that into consideration,” she said. “Did Evelyn need to run over the table? Maybe not. Did Nia have to go over and slap Jennifer? Maybe not. I still don’t believe that warrants this big all-out movement against women who are really just showing our lives.”

WTF? Nas’ Baby Mama Carmen BLASTS Nas, Says “Daughters” Track …..

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Nas’ ex-girlfriend and baby mama, Carmen Bryan, would have something to say about his new “Daughters” track. And right on cue, chick popped off saying the song falsely portrayed their daughter Destiny.

Her words inside…

Carmen apparently wasn’t as touched by Nas’ new “Daughters” track as everyone else was. Despite Nas tweeting his love for his daughter and explaining on the track that Destiny’s mindset & misbehavior was likely his fault, Carmen took to Twitter to express her anger tonight:

Just heard “Daughters” by Nas. What a disappointment! He had nothing positive to say about our daughter and his depiction of her is false!
…perhaps her father should be talking to her and spending more time with her so he can really get to know her.
…Destiny will be 18 in 2 months. Over it!

And when her followers asked what exactly was the problem with the song, she answered:

Ques? do u really think Destiny appreciated that song? Seriously…..Destiny is still a child-it was the wrong platform.
…he’s not speaking on it-he’s rapping about it. There’s a huge difference and I don’t respect it.
Destiny is extremely talented, caring and has a huge heart, none of those things were mentioned. I’m proud of her.

Well, that kinda ruined the sweet moment. Sounds like she’s trying to say Nas isn’t as close to his daughter as the song makes it seem. Carmen also seems to be saying that him admitting on the track that he hasn’t always been the best father (which led to his daughter’s inappropriate tweets & behavior a while back) actually has a negative effect on Destiny.

Even so–wouldn’t that be a convo better had via phone (or anywhere except Twitter) with Mr. Jones directly?

Here are a couple of the verses from “Daughters”:

[Verse 1]
I saw my daughter send a letter to some boy her age
Who locked up, first I regretted it then caught my rage, like
How could I not protect her from this awful phase
Never tried to hide who I was, she was taught and raised like
A princess, but while I’m on stage I can’t leave her defenseless
Plus she’s seen me switching women, pops was on some pimp shit
She heard stories of her daddy thuggin’
So if her husband is a gangster can’t be mad, I love him
Never, for her I want better, homie in jail- dead that
Wait till he come home, you can see where his head’s at
Niggas got game, they be tryna live
He seen your mama crib, plus I’m sure he know who your father is
Although you real, plus a honest kid
Don’t think I’m slow, I know you probably had that chronic lit
You 17, I got a problem with it
She looked at me like I’m not the cleanest father figure but she rocking with it

[Verse 2]
This morning I got a call, nearly split my wig
This social network said “Nas go and get ya kid”
She’s on Twitter, I know she ain’t gon post no
Of herself underdressed, no inappropriate shit, right
mother cried when she answered
Said she don’t know what got inside this child’s mind, she planted
A box of condoms on her dresser then she Instagrammed it
At this point I realized I ain’t the strictest parent
I’m too loose, I’m too cool with her
Shoulda drove on time to school with her
I thought I dropped enough jewels on her
Took her from private school, so she can get a balance
To public school, they too nurture teen
They grow fast, one day she’s ya little princess
Next day she talking boy business, what is this
They say the coolest playas and foulest heart breakers in the world
God gets us back, he makes us have precious little girls

We doubt he’ll respond. Meanwhile, Nas’ video for his single “The Don” premieres tomorrow night at 6p ET on VEVO

Ne-Yo gives a little tea about the Music Industry……

Ne-Yo has laid his thoughts down on the table about the music industry’s album slump.

‘The Give Me Everything Singer’ let off some steam while putting things into perspective. “I feel like it falls on the shoulders of not only the record label, but the artists themselves,“ Ne-Yo told the Associated Press.
"I feel like the thing that makes you go out and get a person’s whole album is you liking that artist, you connecting with that artist.
“I feel like a lot of people are saying that the industry is moving to just being singles driven, and that’s kind of a cop out to me. So it’s like, basically that means that we sign a bunch of disposal artists, you know, as long as we get one hit that’s good? That’s B.S.”
The singer also shed some light on the new breed of artists who are setting the single’s chart ablaze but fall short in their album sales.
“Today’s music executives should be taking the time and spending the money that it takes to make sure that you’re building icons, not fly-by-night, add water-and-stir artists,” he said.

Tupac Hologram Prompts Spike In Sales


Tupac’s albums and singles see a sales bump in the weeks following his hologram appearance at Coachella.

Following Tupac’s appearance as a hologram at the Coachella 2012 festival, sales have spiked for the late rapper.

According to, his performance during Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg’s headlining set prompted a re-entry for his Greatest Hits album on the Billboard 200 where his album returns at No. 129 with 4,000 copies sold, a 571 percent increase over the prior week. It’s the first time the LP has made it onto the chart since 2000.

Additionally, his albums All Eyez on Me and Me Against the World also saw a sales bump, moving 2,000 and 1,000 units, respectively.

His tracks “Hail Mary” and “2 of Amerikaz Most Wanted,” both of which were performed at Coachella, had increased sales as well. The former cut moved 13,000 downloads last week for a 1,530 percent sales increase, while the latter sold 9,000 units.

Guess Who Drake Filmed Several Sex Tapes With?

Drake has revealed that he has filmed several sex tapes, but is making sure he avoids them being leaked.

The Young Money rapper has dated several video vixens including Maliah Michel, was involved in a longterm relationship with childhood sweetheart and has even enjoyed a brief fling with Rihanna.

Drake has now admitted that he has filmed sex tapes in his past, but is the proud owner of every video, ensuring that they do not leak to the public.

“I don’t live recklessly. I don’t have skeletons in my closet,” Drake told NME. “It’s not necessarily me covering it up or trying to be defensive, I just don’t do the dumb s**t in the first place to get in trouble.”

“If I’m drunk, I’mma go out the back door. I ain’t gonna walk out the front so you see me stumbling and dropping my keys. I’m not that guy, I’m not that dumb. I wanna be in this position as long as I possibly can. I mean, I will be honest, any sex tape I’ve ever made, I own it.”