Lil Wayne’s new beef with Pusha T

According to Vibe, “Lil Wayne has officially relight the drama with G.O.O.D. Music’s Pusha T—who is also ½ of the Clipse.
Back in 2008, the Clipse and Weezy went to war on wax after the VA duo felt Wayne was biting their style. Things got serious, when Pusha put the nail in the coffin on the "Re-Up Gang We Got It For Cheap 3 Intro.” He rapped: “Don’t make me turn daddy’s lil’ girl to orphan, that mean I’d have to kill Baby like abortion.”
Over the years, things seemed to have cooled down between the feuding rappers. Pusha even admitted to being of fan of Wayne’s music in 2011. However, after last night’s release of “Exdous 23:1,” Pusha’s new solo record, Weezy has sounded off on his Twitter account.
@LilTuneChi: Fuk pusha t and anybody that love em

Effing Liar: Birdman: There’s ‘No Truth’ To Lil Kim’s YMCMB Accusations

According to MTVRapFIX, “Lil Kim has been very outspoken about her disdain for Nicki Minaj, but during a May 17 interview on New York’s Power 105 Breakfast Club morning show, the Brooklyn rapper gave a little more detail on the source of her beef, including Cash Money CEOs Slim and Birdman in the equation. DJ Envy catches up to Birdman on Sunday’s episode of MTV 2’s ‘Sucker Free,’ where Stunna refutes Kim’s version of things.

Envy asked Birdman about Kim’s accusations that an attempt to collaborate with the crew—including Minaj—had resulted in a snub from Cash Money, and that she later heard music from Nicki that sounded very similar to what she’d originally presented.

“Nah, ain’t no truth to that,” Birdman responded. “We based on creativity. If you know about YMCMB and you ever followed us and been a part of our music, biting and stealing that shit just ain’t for us. All [those] rap wars, we just grinding for the money, sun up, sun down. It’s Nicki Minaj all day everyday.”

In her extended interview, Kim explained that she was on track to sign with Cash Money Records thanks to her friendship with Slim, but things went sour when they suddenly plugged the plug on collaborating. After recording “Grindin’ Makin’ Money” with Birdman and Minaj, Kim says Stunna scrapped the track from his 2009 album Priceless and things went cold.? 

Messy: Who Is Phaedra Parks Suing For $30 Million?

According to RumorFix, “According to legal documents obtained byRumorFix, attorney Phaedra Parks is suing for libel and defamation of character after they published a book “exposing” her.
In ‘Lies of a Real House Wife: Tell The Truth and Shame The Devil’, “former friend” Angela Stanton accuses Phaedra and her husband, Apollo, of being career criminals (racketeering, forgery, and theft among other things) who drew her into their life of crime then abandoned her when she got caught.
In response to the accusations made in the book, Phaedra is asking for $5 million in compensatory damages and $25 million in punitive damages, as well as a retraction from Vibe.
Here are some excerpts from the book quoted in the lawsuit:
“Phaedra Parks was a snake I allowed to slither her way into my life. Once she got close enough to bite, she did! As she slithered away, she left me to die a slow and sure death. The heifer never even looked back.”
“Phaedra was this crooked attorney who knew how to commit crimes against the federal government. She also knew how to get away. Phaedra Parks had studied the law extensively, and learned how to manipulate the cracks in the system.”

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Not a Couple: Rocsi Diaz Denies Dating Eddie Murphy

Rocsi Diaz has denied that she is dating Eddie Murphy, despite the pair being spotted on a lunch date yesterday.
The BET 106 & Park host was seen leaving a coffee shop with the Tower Heistyesterday afternoon, initially holding hands but then moving apart when they noticed the paparazzi had seen them.
Despite rumours of a romance, Rocsi says the two are just friends and were simply getting coffee.
“We are not dating we were just getting coffee,” Rocsi told GlobalGrind in a text message.
Rocsi has recently been linked to a whole host of celebrity men including Bruno Mars, Raphael Saadiq and even her 106 & Park co-host Terrence J.

So…..Rihanna is paranoid: Chris Brown Denies Rapping About Rihanna On New Freestyle

Kanye West had a few bombs to drop on his single “Way Too Cold,” but Chris Brown thought there was a little more left to be said over the beat, so today he released two new freestyles, over “Way Too Cold” and the instrumentals for G.O.O.D. Music’s “Mercy.” The freestyles find Chris Brown spitting some unpleasant lines about his ex, which, of course, prompted rumors that he was talking about Rihanna, followed by a response from Brown on Twitter.

The lines in question: “Don’t f–k with my old bitch it’s like a bad fur/ Every industry n—- done had her/ Shook the tree like a pumpkin just to smash her/ Bitch is breaking codes, but I’m the password.”

Naturally, some listeners jumped to the conclusion that Brown was referring to Rihanna, who tweeted a response then unfollowed Brown. Seems to us like pleading the fifth here and moving on would’ve been a reasonable course of action, but instead Brown took to Twitter, responding to the gossip. @chrisbrown “Assumptions! I didn’t say any names so if u took offense to it then its something you feel guilty about.”

Beyoncé’s ‘joystuck’ expected to be grilled by lawyers for a video-game developer by late summer because a Manhattan judge has given the company’s $100 million lawsuit against her the green light

Picture of Beyoncé

New mom Beyoncé may soon be singing again — but this time, it’ll be under oath.
The superstar is expected to be grilled by lawyers for a video-game developer by late summer because a Manhattan judge has given the company’s $100 million lawsuit against her the green light, The Post has learned.
Justice Charles Ramos’ ruling came after he learned lawyers for the “Single Ladies” singer were actively working on a $20 million deal with the company, Gate Five, before abruptly backing out.
“You continue to negotiate right up until the time you pull the plug. That is not going to work with me,” Ramos told Beyoncé’s lawyers.
Beyoncé’s team contended, though, that they were within their rights to walk away from the deal for a game called “Starpower: Beyoncé” because Gate Five didn’t have its financing in place.
Gate Five said it was scheduled to sign a deal with its financier on Dec. 6, 2010, and claimed Beyoncé knew that when she sashayed away from the agreement on Dec. 3.
The game was scuttled and the company laid off 70 employees. Ramos said Beyoncé should have given Gate Five notice that she would walk.
Gate Five lawyer Peter Gallagher said he’s “pleased” with the ruling.
Beyoncé’s lawyer declined to comment….