Mocking Black CULTURE: Kim Kardashian Cooks Up Soul Food for Kanye

Kim Kardashian takes to twitter by showing the world she can cook “Soul Food”…… In my opinion, Kim Kardashian soul food looks dry as hell…. WTF? Not all black people eats soul food because “ Soul Food” is not healthy for us. #Dryassfood….. Funny, how Kim “Soul Food” could not keep Reggie Bush around. The same thing will happen with Kanye West watch…………

Trey Songz Responds To Lauren London Break-Up Rumours

According to Tale Tela, “Trey Songz has responded to the rumours that he and Lauren London were dating after more than a year of speculation.
The ‘Heart Attack’ singer was said to be dating the beautiful actress since early 2011 and they were even reported to have met each other’s families. Last month, Lauren, who is shares a son with Lil Wayne, allegedly dumped Trey as he wasn’t ready to settle down and start a family with her.
Trey has addressed the mounting rumours for the first time, denying that they were even dating.
"That is some bull. We never were,” Trey told Jenny Boom Boom in an interview with 93.7FM.
“The internet going to lead you wrong every time.”
The handsome singer has also been linked to Kelly Rowland who stars as his love interest in the ‘Heart Attack’ music video.“

She got it bad for USHER: Usher Gets Restraining Order Against Wannabe Wife After Unwelcome House Call


“The R&B star has obtained a temporary restraining order against a 26-year-old woman who, according to the artist, showed up at his Atlanta home twice and, on her second visit, told the cops that she was his wife, E! News confirms.
According to the documents filed in Fulton County Superior Court, Darshelle Jones-Rakestraw’s actions left Usher "in reasonable fear for his own safety and/or the safety of his immediate family.”
But she argues that she is no stalker—and that Usher knows her.
Jones-Rakestraw posted a video yesterday in which she claims that she has archived voicemails she has received from Usher since meeting him last year.
“I’m assuming that when he calls me he expects me to answer his call and it doesn’t matter how I get to him,” she said. “That is the reason why I showed up at his property.”
The complaint states that Jones-Rakestraw first showed up Saturday and police told her not to come back. But she returned the following day and that’s when, per the petition obtained by TMZ, she told responding officers that she was Mrs. Usher Raymond and had just misplaced her keys.
Somehow, that story didn’t fly with the cops, and she was detained on suspicion of trespassing.
“I would like to make aware for my own purposes,” she said, holding up for the camera the TRO paperwork she was served with, “that for the last year, at least since February 2011, me and Mr. Raymond have been exchanging finances through Western Union and Bank of America.”
“I am not a stalker,” she said. “I have been an advocate for Mr. Raymond and his family. He has been complaining constantly to me about his ankle pain, his headaches and his situation with obtaining custody of his children.”

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LAPD officers suspected of leaking Rihanna photo won’t be charged

According to LA TIMES, “After midnight on a quiet street in a posh Los Angeles neighborhood, one of the music world’s rising stars was punching his pop singer girlfriend in the face and slamming her head against the dashboard of a rented Lamborghini. Ninety-five minutes later, a rookie police officer picked up the phone across town and called

The gossip site went on to post a picture, leaked from police evidence, showing the battered face of the victim, Rihanna. LAPD officials vowed an immediate investigation to get to the bottom of the embarrassing breach.

This spring, after three years, numerous search warrants and forensic exams of computer hard drives, phones and email accounts, Los Angeles County prosecutors quietly abandoned an attempt to bring criminal charges against officers suspected in the leak.

The decision, made in March and detailed in a report recently obtained by The Times, came despite a finding by Los Angeles Police Department officials that an award-winning patrol officer was involved in the picture’s sale. The department has moved to fire that officer and the rookie who called TMZ.

The district attorney’s office cited a lack of evidence showing that TMZ paid the officers as an obstacle to charging them. In the leak’s aftermath, there was widespread speculation in the media that the website had paid a premium for the exclusive image, with one report, noted by investigators, putting the price tag at $62,000. But searches of the officers’ bank accounts turned up no evidence of a payment.”

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