Shots FIRED: Christina Milian Slams The-Dream: ‘He’s Not Violet’s Father’

Christina Milian is no stranger at taking jabs at The Dream…. The Nightmare opps… The Dream better step up as a father for his child.

From Rolling out Magzine, “
While at the 2012 BET Awards, Milian sat down for a video interview with Houston’s 97.9 The Box and while talking about her ex-husband, she revealed she’s not at all pleased with his role in their daughter’s life.
“I’m not happy at the moment, but I have come to the realization that I have to be 200 percent mom for her and it’s not about finances, it’s about spending time,” said Milian.
When asked if she’d become a dramatic “baby’s mama” and seek retribution against The-Dream, Milian replied that she’d never do anything negative to hurt her daughter or The-Dream.
“I’m not one of those who withhold their children from their baby daddy. Don’t do that….” Milian replied.
Milian also dismissed any chance that distance played a role in The-Dream’s lack of presence in his daughter’s life.
“We live in different cities, he’s in Atlanta and I’m in L.A. There are planes and plenty of money for airplanes, so …” Milian explained. “I’m just gonna leave it at that my daughter is a great kid and someday their will be a healthy man in my life that will love her the way I do.”

Keyshia Cole dishes more about her wonderful marriage, new music and “Family First” Reality show…..

Keyshia Cole dishes out the goods about her marriage, motherhood, and her new reality show “Family First” in a Essence interview.

According to, “ The ESSENCE Music Festival performer revealed she’s not in a dark place anymore. In fact, she’s happy.

When asked if motherhood and marriage has changed what she sings about, Cole told exclusively, "It has because I’m in a happy place now. However, some of my fans are not. So I brought on a bunch of writers this time around… obviously I’m not in that place to write those kinds of songs.”

Cole says she hates to say how this album, Woman to Woman, will differ from the previous four, but says she has evolved. “I think that I’ve grown vocally and I think a lot of the songs are touching to me.”

As for her upcoming reality show, Family First, the singer warns it won’t be anything like her previous show, The Way It Is. “I’m a little nervous because it’s different. It’s me, my husband, my son and my mother, Frankie. My mother’s been in rehab for a while. I’m really proud of her. It’s just a different view of me and what I’ve been through. You won’t see Neffe on the show. However, I wish you would have.”

SO MUCH FOR LOYALITY: Rihanna’s furious fans turn on her after terrible performance at Swedish festival

According to DailyMail. UK, “
It was billed as a coup for Sweden, having Rihanna headline the annual Peace & Love Festival.
However, the revellers at the music gathering were unimpressed when the We Found Love hitmaker appeared on stage 45 minutes late on Saturday.
As if that wasn’t bad enough, furious fans took to Twitter to claim that she appeared intoxicated and wasn’t singing live.
One disgruntled fan wrote ‘Really don’t feel like watching Rihanna under the influence gig. Who the f*** allowed her on stage in this state? #pal12’
Some fans questioned whether Rihanna was under the influence of drugs as her performance was so bad, with one person calling her ‘disgusting and shameful’.

The Twitter user wrote ‘Rihanna is blatantly under the influence of drugs and is allowed to perform in front of children and young people. It is disgusting and shameful. #pal12.’
Another added ‘Crowd walk-out from #Rihanna concert at #peaceandlove #pal12 #Sweden claiming she’s too high to sing properly
Playback and being high as a kite is not rocking P&L #Rihanna #pal12’ another wrote.
Walking out of the gig wasn’t enough for one person who added ‘Rihanna is dead in my eyes… How can you be so f****** bad? #pal2012 #pal12.’
As if her shambolic performance wasn’t enough of an insult to the people of Sweden, Rihanna then dedicated Redemption Song to Norway after getting the countries mixed up.
Rihanna was referring to right wing extremist Anders Behring Breivik, who killed 77 people in twin attacks in Norway last year.
A concertgoer tweeted ‘Note to Rihanna. Borlänge isnt’t Oslo and no people weren’t killed by Breivik here… But thanks for coming #pal12.’
Rihanna had played at the Kollen Festival in Oslo on Friday and had clearly confused the two countries…..

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