This Can’t Be LIFE: Guess What Shyne’s New Years Resolution will be?

Guess what Shyne’s New Years Resolution will be?
Shyne really does make things interesting on Twitter. He recently announced what his New Years resolution is going to be for 2013, bag Rihanna and make her his “Thug Wife.” You can imagine Chris Brown wouldn’t be too happy if that happened. Rihanna hasn’t responded to Shyne’s Twitter confession just yet, we’ll have to see if that changes in the near future.

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The Shade Continues Karrueche Vrs Rihanna

Christmas Day fookery is the best…. Karruechwe rock Chris Brown latest shirt…. Rihanna will probably throw shade in 5,4,3,2,1….

According to the YBF,So Karrueche slept in Chris Brown’s Bathing Ape shirt last night. And her Christmas morning message to her Instagram & Twitter followers….was evidence of this. This picture and a "Good Morning.”

This wouldn’t have been a big deal had she just been wearing the shirt. But she also snapped a pic…of just the shirt…in nothing else…and plastered it on Instagram. Which leads us to believe Karrueche was attempting to send a message to someone. Or some people.


Love IT: Draya Finally Launches Fine ASS Girls Clothing Line


Draya from “BasketBall Wives” in LA is on her grind! She recently launches Fine ASS Girls Clothing. Draya takes the time out her busy schedule to explain the meaning of her line to VH1….

From VH1, " The boys like us, the girls love us,” says Draya Michele in this new video promoting her latest business endeavor, Fine Ass Girls, a clothing line for ladies who are “stylish, classy, beautiful and educated.” 

“I just wanted to start something that could motivate girls. It’s like a confidence booster,” Draya told us when we hung out at the Basketball Wives L.A. reunion. “I’m lucky enough to hang around really good people, I have really amazing friends, and they’re also really beautiful and we take a lot of pride in looking how we look. We’re just trying to be all-around good people, so it’s just a movement for empowerment.” The line, which is separate from her swimwear line, Mint Swim, launches around Christmas. Draya also told us that while it will be available primarily online, for those of you in L.A. you can also buy it at Trap House Clothing.