Nicki Minaj almost gets in trouble over a HUG!

There are different laws for countries. Nicki Minaj finds out the hard way! The Young Money rapper explains the situation on the Jimmy Kimmel show……
According to the Website, "Nicki Minaj got a hard lesson in cultural differences when she visited Dubai. The Young Money rapstress explained to late night host Jimmy Kimmel how close she came to getting arrested–for giving a stranger a hug.
“I was in Dubai, yup, mmhmm,” Nicki said. “You know what? I almost got in so much trouble because the guys in Dubai are sooo cute, it’s not even funny and, yes, [laughs], and so, it’s one of the rules, you can’t hug a man there if you’re not married to the man and so when we were leaving, there was this one guy who was so freaking cute, I was just like, ‘Byeee’ ’cause I just wanted to have this one last moment to like, savor the moment with him. [laughs] I didn’t know that he was a cop because they don’t have like a police [uniform], it was just a private airport, so they were just dressed in their regular garments and I went to give him a hug and I almost felt like, literally, time stopped in Dubai.”

Kaylin Garcia ia not worry about Joe and Tahiry’s Relationship

So young and naive! Kaylin Garcia is not worry about Joe  and  Tahiry’s Relationship. Ms. Kaylin  tells this information to Vlad

According to the Website, "Love & Hip-Hop NY" star and Joe Budden’s current girlfriend Kaylin Garcia speaks out about her man rekindling his friendship with ex-girlfriend Tahiry, revealing that she’s not worried about their friendship. Kaylin also speaks on Joe relapsing and how she’s helping him through the situation.

Karrine reveals more Excerpt from her book How To Make Love To A Martian

Judging from the exerpt Karrine talks about how she find out  Lil’ Wayne child mother Sarah Vivan pregnant with Lil’ Wayne child at the time (Back in 2009) maybe this is a good book after all…….

Another website claims Karrine was getting it in with rapper Drake… ClickHERE to read more……

From Karrine’s WebsiteI walked into his tour bus, determined to elave him. I’d found out about the baby.
His baby.
Sickened, I fell into his arms, tears streaming down my face and onto his shirt.
I needed him, still.
But I couldn’t stay and watch him give someone else everything I wanted. He kissed me and ran his hand under my skirt.
He told me he loved me.
I told him I loved him but it was over.
Then, I turned and ran off the bus and into the arms of one of the closest people to him.
And he would never forgive me.

Faith Evans Hits up Wendy Williams…..

Faith Evans opens up about her relationship with Notorious B.I.G. and reveals the striking similarities between Biggie Smalls and their son.

Plus, find out if Faith believes that they will find the person responsible for Biggie’s murder.

Then, Faith talks about the day she found Lil Kim in bed with Biggie and reveals if she has forgiven Lil Kim for sleeping with her husband.