Jesus Take The Wheel: Everyone Meet Caitlyn Jenner

Who in the fuck is Caitlyn Jenner? It is the new and improve Bruce Jenner.

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Lil Wayne’s Latest Drama…

Lil Wayne got so furious at a referee … in a charity basketball game … he charged at the guy, allegedly SPIT on him — and sparked a bench-clearing fight at a “stop the violence” event!

The brawl went down in St. Louis on Sunday night. Wayne’s Young Money team was taking on a team coached by the event promoter, Loose Cannon Slim— and we’re told Coach Weezy thought the ref was blowing a bunch of…

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Taraji P. Henson Snags An Award Last Night

Taraji P Henson for winning the Best Actress in a Drama Series for her role as Cookie Lyon on #Empire!

Kid Cudi Writes About Death…

Kid Cudi post a poem about his death…

The poem finds Cudi picturing his own demise, revealing that he would like a closed-casket funeral and separate services for his family and fans.

“Send my body to space to be buried on the moon,” he writes before later requested that his father is dug up so they can be buried together.

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