Shot’s Fired.. Carl Crawford Family Blasts Evelyn Lozada After He Gets Fired/ Evelyn Responds After Her Man Carl’s Contract Cut With The Dodgers.


If you missed the news, Dodger cut ties with Evelyn’s man Carl Crawford over the weekend.

According to ESPN reports, Carl Crawford was designated for assignment by the Los Angeles Dodgers on Sunday with approximately $35 million remaining on a contract that runs through 2017.

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Evelyn says on social media her and Carl are fine about the news after a fan asked her on social media.


In similar news, Carl Crawford Family Blasts Lozada After He Gets Fired ..

A source informs Fameolous reports,

My family and I have been trying to warn Carl for years about Black Widow Evelyn!! Between helping Antoine go broke after his one-hundred million dollar salary, ruining Chad’s career and now with Carl’s career over…this woman is TOXIC!!! We knew this would happen, which is why he hasn’t married her yet, not to mention she asked for a ridiculous amount on the pre-nup! Carl isn’t crazy, he stopped that wedding right away. They were supposed to get married December 2014 but that didn’t happen because of that pre-nup!

Evelyn is hungry for money! Trying to keep up appearances and her lifestyle. This would have never happened to our cousin if this THOTTY GOLD DIGGERY WITCH hadn’t gotten her claws into him.


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