Have Several Seats Down Sabrina From the Glam University Calls Out K. Michelle For Reaching Out To Toya Wright Over Brothers’ Death.

Show some damn respect there is  time and place for everything. Toya lost two brothers on the very same day. This woman and her family are grieving for God’s sake. This chick is too busy trying to complete who is the realest chick for Toya. I’m pretty sure Toya does not give a phuck right now… I hate social media. Folks do not have any filter or respect.

Yes K. Michelle and Toya may not be cool with each other in real life over the Memphitz drama. At the end of the life is too short over petty bull shit.

Whatever happen to airing out drama offline….

K. Michelle shows her respect to Toya Wright and her family on social media.


theglamuniversityDear@kmichellemusic From: Sabrina! Make sure your response is real cute & peaceful because the last thing you want is this mouth to open! So this isn’t the time! YOU DEAD WRONG! You been DEAD WRONG! LEAVE HER ALONE! When I realized how nasty and evil of a person you really are I stood down & away from you. Her email is in her bio! The same way you login on someone else’s phone to see people’s pages you blocked from you could have gotten the email address from there to send you “Sincere Condolences” this ain’t the time to play!






(UPDATE) Pray For Her… Toya Wright And Her Daughter Reginae Reacts To The News Of Josh Johnson and Rudy Joshson Death On Social Media.


Social media reacts to hearing the news about Toya Wright’s brother lives were sadly taken away by gun violence in New Orleans.  Click Here if you missed the story.

Toya reacts to the news on the gram.

toyawrightHelp me Lord🙏🏾🙏🏾 I will never understand this. #stoptheviolence#ineverfeltpainlikethisbefore#riptomybrothers #icantbelievethis#prayformyfamily 😢😢😢


Reginae says this below…

colormenaeI lost two of my uncles last night 😢 I’m speechless . I’m hurt . I’m devastated . What in the world is going on in this world ?

  • colormenaeRyan , I love u ! Come back please ! I called u last night and u didn’t answer ! You were my bestfriend ! You were my brother ! You were my uncle ! What do I do without u now ? My favorite ! You’re gone !!!!!! Whyyyyy! Why? I would never question you God !! But why my uncles ? Why?

  • Capture.PNG

Pictures from Michel’le’s Lifetime Biopic….


If you missed thew news about Michel’le will air her upcoming biopic on Lifetime. Click HereHere  and Here to read.

Michel’le shares photos of behind the scenes on her new biopic. There is no premiere date yet…








(UpDate) So Sad… Toya Wright’s Brothers Killed In New Orleans.

They were feature on Toya’s show on BET ‘A Family Affair’.

According to multiple reports reality star Toya Wright’s two brother’s Josh and Rudy Johnson were both killed in New Orleans overnight…

News first spread through social media and was later confirmed by multiple family members and friends in the city.


Nola reports,

Two brothers of reality television star Toya Wright were gunned down early Sunday morning (July 31) in New Orleans, family members confirmed.

The two young men were discovered shortly after midnight Sunday inside a car near the corner of Pauger and North Miro streets in the city’s 7th Ward. Both had been shot multiple times and pronounced dead at the scene, New Orleans police said. Less than an hour later, a man was shot to death in the Seabrook neighborhood of New Orleans East.

 Please keep Toya and her family in your thoughts and prayers.


Lisa Wu Addresses Keshia Knight Pulliam Recent Legal Threat…

If you missed Keshia threaten to sue both TV One and Lisa Wu in her recent podcast click Here to read.

Lisa addresses Keshia on social media.

1lisawuinterview on any public platform on my private issues with any ex. I was busy trying to heal,which I advise her to do.This is not the platform. I’ve allowed people to assume as they wish and it’s been hurtful. But It’s no 1’s Biz & there is
children involved.Not only her unborn child, but my 9 year old who can read very well. People will believe what they choose2The truth always prevails. Someone please tell me because I’m confused again 😂😂watch the marathon tomorrow if u must to get clarity but watch anyway 😜it’s a marathon. “Industry cool” does not mean friends 😳stop reaching. I have not said a word but please don’t push me. I’m not here 4 it, nor have I said 1negative thing about this situation nor her. Leave me & my child out of this circus.