Pray For Her. Mary J. Blige’s Step Daughter Briana Latrise Isaacs Reveals She Is A Victim Of Domestic Abuse.



Such a pretty lady…

I know Kendu  and Mary are mad ass hell over this.  No one want to see their love ones  go through mental and physical abuse from a punk ass man. It is never okay to physically abuse a spouse. Never!

Mary J. stepdaughter  Briana Latrise  reveals the horrific news on social media on Friday, July 8.

With this picture and caption below..


. “Ah s—. I do need stitches don’t I? Ah s—, am I going to have a scar?” said Isaacs. “Great another scar from another n—a beating up on me. I sure know how to pick them.”

A source informs Rolling out this was not a first occurrence. “It’s a shame, this is her second time being physically assaulted by a boyfriend, Iman Omari. I know her stepmother is a huge advocate against domestic violence and I know her father, Kendu, wants better for her.”

According to a second clip released by Isaacs, she is also suffering from a slight concussion in addition to slurred speech.

Briana says the bloody blow will “stop nothing” as she will “absolutely be pressing charges” against her attacker.

“My son doesn’t deserve to see his mom beat up. I don’t deserve to be beat up. I love wholeheartedly,” she said.

Isaacs is “filming WE tv’s ‘Growing Up Hip Hop’ season two.

Sad…. I hope this young lady will finally leave this man for good and get some counseling for the better.


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  1. Stokes says:

    Damn boo sorry for that hope you get better in all ways I use to heal at mine but did not want to take it far she put her hands on me but we over it was for the best I still love her

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