Brandy claims music label contract is like ‘slavery’…

If you missed the news about Brandy suing her label read a portion of the story below.

Brandy sued her record label for $1 million Tuesday, claiming it refuses to let her record or release an album, to “bully” her into signing a contract that will let Chameleon Entertainment double dip at her expense. Read more Here.

The record label claps back at Brandy’s claims…

“Breyon Prescott is deeply disappointed that rather than discussing her concerns with her present contractual status in a productive way, Brandy has taken unwarranted desperate measures to stay relevant by filing false outrageous claims and speaking on social media. Click Here to read more.

Well according to Page six, Brandy is suing her record company, claiming their arrangement is like “slavery,” according to court papers filed Monday.

The singer says that Chameleon Entertainment has failed to adequately fund her albums and is asking her to give away income from concerts and acting.

“Brandy Norwood’s story is Kesha Redux, but without the sex,” the Manhattan Supreme Court suit says.

In the filing, Brandy quotes Prince as saying, “record contracts are just like . . . slavery.”



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