Teyana Taylor Interview With ‘Fader’ Talks Junie And Iman Shumpert In Kanye West ‘Fade’ Video and More.


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Teyana chats with Fader about the Kanye West video ‘Fade’ and more.

As a black woman, what was the power of you, Iman, and the baby appearing together in the video’s final scene?

It was love. A lioness protecting her family. That’s exactly what it was and what it represented. People think deeply into it and you should take it to mean whatever you think it means. It’s a powerful message and a power video.

How has being a mother impacted the sense of agency that you have over your body?

I’m not going to front. When I found out that I was pregnant, just like any other mother or new mother, I was scared, excited, and anxious. But the last thing on my mind was trying to keep my body right, or feeling like, Oh my God, what’s going to happen to me? It was never any type of pressure.

Let me make this very clear: Every mother is beautiful. Every woman is beautiful. One thing that I don’t want is for women to put pressure on themselves and feel like, “This is what I have to look like or else I’m not going to look perfect.” Everybody struggles with something. Something a lot of people don’t know is that there are times where I’ll lose weight and I don’t want to lose, and I eat everything under the sun. We all have our different things about us that we feel like can be better. I want us all to know: Please don’t feel like you have to pressure yourself, or starve yourself, or that if you don’t look like the video that you see that you’re not perfect.

So the fitness video is actually going to happen!

Yes. It needs to happen. Dance is underrated in the fitness world and it’s time to bring out that happy medium. I don’t work out. I would be lying if I said that I was a workout guru. But dance is the reason I’m in this position. Dance can be that beautiful. It’s almost scary to know that my body comes from dance. People ask me what’s my secret. Dancing is no secret, it’s mine. This the answer to my body and what people see. Why not make that medium fun? And also let other women feel and see like, “Yes, I can do this and get results.” In a couple of weeks, I’ll have all of that. Everything you would need to know, down to my stomach, my legs, my butt, and my arms, all in one DVD. Once you purchase the DVD, it’s going to come with the coconut oil.

If you have not seen the video watch below.



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