In Bish Better Have My Money Edition.. Jewelers Say Floyd Mayweather Jr. Owes Them $1.4 Million.


Word on the street Floyd Mayweather Jr. is accused of owing $1.4 million according to Jewelers.

The Jewelers Inc. claims in Clark County Court that on Sept. 19, 2015, Mayweather agreed to pay $3 million for a diamond necklace that contained 72 three-carat, round-cut stones.
Mayweather took possession of the necklace that day by paying $1 million, and has made six $100,000 payments since, the last one on May 20, The Jewelers says.
A $1.4 million balance remains, but Mayweather refuses to pay it, despite repeated requests, The Jewelers says.
It wants the $1.4 million plus interest, damages for unjust enrichment, breach of agreement and bad faith, attorney’s fees and legal costs.


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