Odell Beckham Jr’s Gram Flooded With A Bunch Of “L’s” After Throwing A Tantrum At The Game.

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Social media mocked Odell after he threw a brief tantrum at the game.

First the  Redskins beat the New York Giants with the score  29-27.

After burning the Redskins cornerback for two big plays to open the fourth quarter, Eli Manning tossed a red-zone interception. Beckham lost his cool and threw a tantrum on the sideline. His meltdown included a helmet-swing into the kicking net, which then collapsed on his head.

Beckham appeared to be in tears as Manning tried to coax him out of it. When asked at his locker why he was so upset, he responded, “I don’t remember.”

Was he indeed crying? “I don’t remember,” Beckham said again, clearly still incredibly upset about the loss.

“We’re just two fierce competitors, that’s all it is,” Beckham remarked of Norman, whom he met with at midfield after the game. The receiver also had a visible scratch on his right cheek, but said he also didn’t remember how it happened. “We love football. I feel like this has turned into something that is not football and honestly I know that that’s all that I care for is football.”

It looked like the feud between Beckham and Norman was about to boil over early in the contest, when Beckham faked a fade route on a run play. Norman lifted him, carried him a few steps, and then released him. Both players threw their hands up to the official to signal they did nothing wrong. And Beckham said –—of course — that he didn’t remember what happened there.

“It’s never been an issue (with Norman),” Beckham insisted. “It’s something that’s been made up by all of this. In a sense, like I said, all I care about is football. I’m sure it’s the same for him.”


😲😲😲👀🏈😂 Kicking net 1, Odell Beckham Jr 0

A video posted by Sports Videos – Fanatics View (@thefanaticsview) on Sep 25, 2016 at 1:50pm PDT



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