Smart Move..Gabrielle Union Replaces Nate Parker As Face Of ‘Birth of a Nation’.


If you missed the previous story click Here to read.

Due to the ongoing backlash with Nape Parker and the rape scandal.

Gabrielle Union steps up and become the new voice of ‘Birth of a Nation’.

It was previously reported,Gabrielle Union addressed the controversy surrounding “The Birth of a Nation” director and Oscar-hopeful Nate Parker.

Union, who portrays an unnamed slave in the film who is sexually assaulted, said learning about Parker’s 2001 sexual assault trial left her “in a state of stomach-churning confusion…

Since learning of Parker’s situation, Union wrote that she cannot take the allegations lightly. Click Here if you missed that.

In the past two weeks, Gabrielle Union has emerged as the face of “The Birth of a Nation.”

Director Nate Parker has spent the publicity campaign for the film either answering or dodging questions about the 17-year-old rape case in which he was acquitted. With him distracted by those questions, Union is taking a more outspoken and commanding route, trying to reengage an audience that might be turned off by the director’s past.


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