Power 105 DJ Envy Responds ‘Stop And Frisk ‘To The Backlash.


Social media is dragging Envy by his edges over comment he made on the Breakfast Club this morning.. I gave his ass a side eye over this foolishness.

Early this morning on TBC during the Front Page news segment, Charlamagne read statistics showing that the stops actually resulted in very little convictions for violent crimes.

“They said the NYPD actually didn’t do it right,” Envy interjected again. “They were stop and frisking anybody and didn’t do areas where there was a lot of crime in those areas. they said that if was done the right way, it probably would be a lot higher. But they did get a lot of guns off the streets regardless, even if you could say it’s one percent or .1 percent, they got tons of guns off the street, which is the most important thing.”

Listen below…




Social media went in…

  • chezjeanyea that was a BIG L #djenvywitness the beginning of the fall. An advocate for stop and Frisk.. word my dude. I guess @djenvy giving up his privilege in all hoods cus niggaz will stop and frisk you that Nigga way. and we do dat we take ya shit shiii. the fuk u be saying.
  • cal_cobang@blackking_718 Millions bro not thousands, remember they stopped 4.4 Million “suspicious ppl” & only found some 980 guns… We won’t began to question those planted guns but I guess DJ Disconnected don’t know, don’t show or don’t care about what goes on in the Hood
    • saturdaykyleIt’s clear that your perception of life is skewed if you think that stop and frisk can be done right. If your family lived in a black neighborhood I’m sure you wanted want your kids subjected to that. 900 guns at the cost of thousands of innocent people of color get your mind right.
    • blackking_718@djenvy what if your son got stopped for no reason, except that he is black, There was no conncetion between stop and frisk and a decrease in crime. But honestly im in the hood. The D’s still practice stop and frisk jist not as frequent. If your in a vehicle they say there was a smell of Marijuana or routine traffic stop, if you are walking they say, they saw you shift something in your waist. Those stops are documented the others where no weapon is found they dont report. The solution is not the removal of guns in my opinion, its stop them from entering black neighborhoods. Those 819, guns came at a price of thousands of black and latinos being searched in front of their wife, or thier kids sometimes aggressively.
      • swavey_briana@cthagod specificly said that all stop and frisk did was give racist cops who already don’t like blacks and latinos the power to harass them lawfully, …..And you know what this clown ass nigga @djenvy said? Nigga said “SO” plain and simple, Give this jack ass donkey of the day 🐴🐴🐴🐴🐴



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