Great Interview.. Marilyn Mosby talks for the first time about the failed prosecution of six police officers for Freddie Gray’s death.

Yesterday it was reported those “vultures” what I really want to say the F bomb in reacting to the news of the six cops  were charged in connection with the April 2015 death of Gray. Those same officers received standing ovations while honorary speakers downplayed the seriousness of police brutality in the U.S.
Click Here if you missed that.

Marilyn Mosby speaks out for the first time in an interview.

Here is portion of the interview:

Mosby said that throughout all this, she watched the mayor, Stephanie Rawlings-­Blake, and the police commissioner, Anthony Batts, deliver misinformation to reporters. For example, Batts was undercounting the number of stops the police van made before delivering Gray to medical attention. “First Batts said there were three stops, and we knew at that point there were four or five,” she said. “So I sat down with them and said: ‘You know, we’ve got to stop putting misinformation out into the media and giving that to the public. It’s going to be to our detriment.’ They didn’t listen.”

 Mosby also believed that the Police Department was in a rush to close the case. She said that Batts “came up with this fictitious timeline as to when the investigation would be complete, on May 1. So I’m like: ‘Where are you getting this? The autopsy report isn’t even usually completed that quickly.’ Then the mayor started telling the media, ‘Oh, absolutely we know that this death took place inside of the wagon.’ Wait a minute. The investigation is not even complete. How are you going out to the public and saying you know for certain that this took place inside of the wagon?”




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