Watch This. ‘Birth of a Nation’ star Nate Parker won’t apologize for role in 1999 rape case on ’60 Minutes’.


The rumors are true about Nate will do an interview with ’60 Minutes’ click Here if you missed the story.

The preview of the interview just surface on the internet.

Nate Parker won’t issue an apology for his role in his 1999 rape case in his first television appearance since the scandal that may have upended the Oscar race first emerged.

The “Birth of a Nation” writer, director and star tells host Anderson Cooper that he doesn’t feel “guilty” about what happened 17 years ago on this Sunday’s episode of CBS News’ “60 Minutes” — which airs just five days before the film hits theaters.

He does, however, tell Cooper that his perspective has greatly changed over the years.

“As a Christian man…just being in that situation, yeah, sure,” he says when asked if he believes he did anything morally wrong. “I am 36 years old right now…my faith is very important to me…so looking back through that lens…it’s not the lens I had when I was 19 years old.”

Click Here to watch.


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