Double Stories. ‘R&B Divas’ LA Stars Lil Mo Squashed Beef With Michel’le / Michel’le Will Be On Wendy Williams.

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Lil Mo reflects on the past on the ‘R&B Divas’ LA show and made peace Michel’le. on social media.

thelilmoshow#WCW @michellemuzic
I sat back and was looking at photos and thinking of the super laughs we had and how I promised I would always have your back. My emotions and My ego got involved and I let somethings as simple as indoor go-karting damn near RUIN the fort we built. Because when you hurt. I hurt. We be down to scrap with anybody. On site. THELMA and LOUISE. I miss YOU sooooo much. I am soooooo happy you finally get to tell YOUR story. I use to get soooooo mad bcuz you would say “OH ITS OK” when I know people were trying to hurt you. You literally have deleted pain from your life. I hope the world respects you for your strength. Resilience. And you are FUNNY as SHIT!!!!!! I love YOU!! We MISS YOU. And you have to meet YOUR GODSON. I ain’t forget you took me shopping on the show ahahahhaaahhaha I will be watching this when it airs FRONT and CENTER. I am sooooo glad you never gave up. That’s why I never gave up. 💯💯💯💯💯💯 this is from my HEART!!!! Cynthia Dargan

michellemuzic@thelilmoshow / You were the first one on the show I identified within spirit. My struggle was way bigger at the time… I was still trying to keep up with all of you and I must say, you DO know me a bit. I do delete ppl from my life, but I don’t know if thats always good. I wasn’t saying no to you, I was saying no to the situation and even that was hard, you just couldn’t hear me. I miss you too… real convo. I’m thankful and grateful for the kind words. Shit… it’s about time you said something nice about me! haha. Love never left my heart for you – So Thelma & Louise are not going over the cliff! Besides… I did that already at the House of Blues. Crazy as catshit 😹💩LMAO.

love you… me,



If you missed Lil’ Mo shaded Michel’le  over biopic click Here to read.

In similar news, Michel’e will be on ‘The Wendy Williams Show’ on Monday read here for more details.


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