Get Well … Ms. Toni Braxton Out Of Hospital After Lupus Treatment.

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Keep Toni Braxton in your thoughts and prayers!

According to Page six reports, Singer Toni Braxton is home in Los Angeles despite a recent report that she was laid up in an Atlanta hospital in serious condition.

“She was in a Los Angeles hospital for a few days being treated for her lupus,” her manager Craig Baumgarten told Page Six on Monday.

“She’s resting at home and she’s fine. She was not in serious condition, though lupus is a horrible, terrible disease and must be monitored at all times.  Doctors released her and cleared her,” he said.

Braxton revealed her lupus diagnosis in 2010.  The singer has said the toughest part of battling the disease is when she has to perform.

TMZ also reports, We’re told Toni’s been hospitalized for 4 days. It’s unclear if she checked herself in or if she was transported by ambulance. When Birdman got the news, we’re told he hopped on a jet from New York — where he was on the road with Jacquees — to be with her.

Tamar shares a brief clip of Ms. Toni in the hospital.

tamarbraxton😢I absolutely HATE when she is sick🙄.. But to God be the Glory!! T, You are home SAFE and We can make you smile even when you’re faking like you feel well enough to laugh at the joke💔#LUPUSSUCKS shout out to all Lupus superwomen and men who knows what that’s like❤️ #staystrongand #urock #finnagetmylifeonthisTourstill💃🏾 #DiezthinksheissoFINE🙄 #heaight😂😂😩😂#macandchessemadeusALLfat🧀#ToniBraxtonLivingLegend✅



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