Nate Parker Full Interview On ‘GMA’ Annoyed About The Constant Rape Questions.


Is it me or Nate was being  rude on ‘GMA’ this morning?

Peep this.

Nate visits ‘GMA’ to promote ‘Birth of a Nation’ movie.

This is when things sort of goes left.

  • Reporter: With the film set to hit theaters Friday, Parker is hoping to turn the focus back on the big antellum bet. And “The birth of a nation’s” Nate Parker joins us. How are you? Nate responds, “I’m fine.”
  • How are you. I couldn’t help but notice. We’ll talk about the film. Of course. But this is a very difficult but necessary conversation for a lot of people. Mm-hmm.
  • Your reaction to those allegations of years ago. That they just don’t feel the empathy. They don’t feel that you have any remorse. Whoa are we talking about? We’re talking about what happened in 1999 with the woman who is now deceased, who took her own life. And her family and others feel that — in seeing your remarks since it has resurfaced, do you have any remorse or apologize for what happened?
  • Nate responds….We — I was on “60 minutes” last night. We talked about it. Three days out. This is not about me. The story of gnat turner, as an American, American people, to know the story about man who was raced from history. That is, at some point, I think that that’s where our focus should be. Especially now. So many things are happening in America. The last 72 hours. The hope is that people care about, America the story of America. The real story of America that has been so shifted and pushed aside with revisionist history. I think this is a film that they should see. A lot of people who want to hear from you. To be able to say, okay, are they going to see it or not. It can’t really be — I’m sorry. It can’t just be dismissed. It has to be addressed. Of course.
  • The reporter….
  • Of course. You have a daughter in college. This is a conversation going on. What do you tell her?
  • Nate responds…You know, anything I say to my daughter in love is in private. She knows how I feel about her. And I have addressed it so many — so many times. Did you see the “60 minutes” last night? I did. I addressed it with Anderson. That was the focus of that segment. Um, you know, but — three days out, at some point, you know, I have talked about. I keep talking about it. I think — I guess maybe do you apologize? I talked about that last night. Not everybody saw last night. This is this morning. I’m not going to go right there, go through — and I’ve said it. I said it last night. I was falsely accused. You know, I was proven innocent. I’m not going apologize for that. I feel terribly about that situation. But — at some point, you know, we have to — ask ourselves, like, why are we — is this a film that is important to us? Sit important to people like you and I? The fact that, to face injustice every day in the country. And to be inundated with it on the news with injustice, injustice. How do we handle it? How do we approach it? Seven years of your life. This is my eighth. What was it? I have to admit, I never really heard the story. Many of us kind of — you kind of heard bits and pieces. Not this point. Why was it so important. You invested, put your acting career on hold. It’s important. This is — being a black man in America and growing up with certain systemic crisis, you ask yourself, what can I do?

Watch here


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