Michel’le ‘s Interview On The ‘Wendy Williams Show.’


The video is not available yet…

Last week it was confirmed Michel’le will on Wendy Williams.

The singer/reality star stopped by the “Wendy Williams Show”to chat it up about her no-holds barred biopic.

While she said she didn’t want to do this movie, Straight Outta Compton opened up an opportunity for her to tell her story since she was non-existent in the blockbuster film.

  • Michel’le said if Dre wants to try and sue over the film she told him to do it! She said their were witnesses to his abuse and if he did decide to take her to court he would have to tell the truth. “Please take me because you have to do depositions and that’s when you have to tell the truth,” she said.
  • So has her daughter seen her dad Suge in jail? She said she hasn’t yet, but she plans on going to see him very soon. She said she was going to let her daughter see her biopic before she went and he would have to answer to her as to why he hurt her mother.
  • Michel’le admitted to being a horrible mother because she had no common sense for raising a child. She would take her then two-year-old son (with Dr. Dre) to parties with her back in the day. Chile….
  • The singer/reality star said she never hooked up with Tupac, but wishes she did. Ha!
  • And speaking of being a reality star, when asked if she would returned to “R&B Divas: L.A.” she responded, “No, you know we got cancelled!” (THE YBF)

If the interview is available I will update the post.

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A video posted by LoveSelena.com (@rzemog79) on Oct 3, 2016 at 2:19pm PDT

Watch parts of the interview here


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