Odell Beckham Takes Another “L” In Vikings Game.


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It looks like the Vikings defeated the New York Giants game on Monday night (24-10). Odell’s temper almost got his ass ejected from the game for unsportsmanlike  behavior.

If you missed the previous Odell’s incident click Here to read.

Days after New York Giants coach Ben McAdoo told reporters Beckham needed to do a better job handling his emotions and not becoming a distraction to himself or his teammates, the superstar receiver picked up a taunting penalty in the second quarter of Monday’s nationally televised game against the Minnesota Vikings.

That put Beckham one strike away from being ejected under the NFL’s new rules. Yet he didn’t stop there as Vikings cornerback Xavier Rhodes — used in a shadow much of the night against Beckham — continued to chirp right back at him, seemingly trying to bait him into another foul.

The chippiness started after a run play midway through the second quarter, with Rhodes and Beckham barking at one another. When Rhodes hit Beckham at the sideline after a catch on the next play, Beckham charged and bumped him, drawing the flag.

Odell Beckham Jr. vs. Vikings -23 receiving yards (career low) -4th straight game without a TD (longest scoreless streak of NFL career)





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