Sounds Like Kim Kardashian…Blind Item: Multiple Versions.

Blind Gossip] The best way to get people to pay attention to a story? Put out multiple versions of it!

This family is a master of doing this, and the latest crime story is no exception. The number of people involved, the presence or absence of security, the sequence of events, what materials were used, what items were taken, how they were valued, what was said, how she reacted, etc. are being manipulated for maximum dramatic impact and to keep people talking. The only constant is that she is the victim.

If they put out one version of a story, it’s over in a day. So they will quietly put out multiple versions with different details. It doesn’t matter if it’s accurate or if it makes any sense. The more versions there are, the more people argue over it, the longer legs the story has. Then they will come in with a prepared statement that will match the police report and present the family in the best possible light. They are also lining up a marketing partner or partners. Everyone in the family will be coached on their individual reactions for maximum marketing impact.


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