Get ’em Beanie Sigel’s Releases Full Diss Tracks I’m Coming / Gang Gang (Meek Mill Diss).

You here this 90’s babies Beanie Sigel’s is coming for your faves and it goes it goes a little something like this!!!

Let’s go…

Meek Mill recently dropped his freestyle on Hot 97 coming for Drake and 50 Cent click Here if you missed that.

If you missed Beanie’s interview on Taxstone when he dissed Meek Mill and emphasized not being a damn 90’s baby click  Here to listen.

Beanie finally releases those diss tracks are you ready or nah?

“You just a Tweeter/I’m the knock in the devil’s speaker/Stop, it’s bigger than Omeeka,” Beans raps at one point, and also takes aim at the dude from Philly who allegedly sucker punched him at the Bad Boy reunion tour.

“A sucka way out is to steal him/face him and look him in the eye then you kill him”

Click Here to listen.

In similar news Mr. Sigel says this message on the gram..

In a video posted on BET’s Instagram Beanie Sigel says if Tupac were alive.

…I know for a fact we wouldn’t have grown men walking around with skinny jeans on with they butt out. Dudes wouldn’t be wearing dresses. People wouldn’t be dying their hair purple, green, orange and putting yaki, remy, whatever you want to call it, in…

Uh the content of the music today wouldn’t be the same word repeated 50 times on a nice beat and a 808 drop. Men would be men, women would be women…

Im a leave it at that…



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