So It Begins… Opening statements made in the civil court rape trial of NBA Derrick Rose.


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I’m sure many of you are familiar with  with the situation in Derrick Rose ongoing legal situation  in the rape trial.

The  civil rape trial of NBA star Derrick Rose opened Wednesday with jurors hearing two starkly different versions of events during an encounter in which the New York Knicks player and two friends are accused of sexually assaulting a woman.

Waukeen McCoy, an attorney for the 30-year-old accuser, presented her to the jury as the victim of a brutal sexual assault at the hands of Rose and two of his friends. The three men, McCoy said, carried out a plot to drug the woman and get her drunk, and then take advantage of her when she was unable to resist.

While she was “in and out of consciousness,” McCoy told jurors, “each of the men took turns raping her.”

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