That’s Right! Halle Berry Reads A Fans On Social Media For Questioning Her About Hiding Her Kids Faces On Social Media.


For years Halle Berry does not phuck with the paparazzi taking photos of her kids. In 2013 Halle Berry and Jennifer Garner appeared at the California State Capitol today to testify before the Assembly Judiciary Committee in support of a new bill that would modify the definition of harassment and, they believe, better protect their children.

Berry, 46, has a 5-year-old daughter, Nahla, with her ex-boyfriend Gabriel Aubry and is expecting her first child with her new husband, French actor Olivier Martinez. The Oscar-winning actress said that during a custody battle over Nahla in which Aubry blocked her from moving to France with Martinez, paparazzi baited the child with taunting questions.

Anyway Ms. Berry  avoid posting her kids faces on social media. A fan wonders why Halle refuse to post her children on social media.

Halle responds on the gram. for the tea!




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