Blind Item…

“Jay Z, Jennifer Lum and Beyoncé at the Formation World Tour crew dinner, held at Bagatelle in New York’s West Village on Monday evening.

Picture does not represent blind item.

From CDAN,  This A+ list singer lives large…..

How often do we see photos of her all over the world. Traveling in a private jet on seemingly a perfect vacation. She never wears the same clothes twice and her husband must make as much money as her too right? She is beyond wealthy. That is the image, but not the reality. Our A+ lister recently decided to invest in a company. She made a big deal about it. The problem for her is that it required an actual cash outlay and was not something that could be charged. She had the money, but it was a close call. How did it get like this?

back in the day when she was first hitting it big, she had good management. They kept her expenses low and the income high. Times were really good. Then, her management changed. What was just her money now became the money of her and her manager for all of his ideas to rule the world. The problem is most of his ideas have not turned out so great. It probably wouldn’t be that big of a deal if he had not put their money into the deals and used more money from outside investors. High risk and high reward. He didn’t want to share. Meanwhile, our A+ lister started stepping up her spending game at the same time her record and tour sales started declining.

What to do? Basically the couple run a tab and charge everything to the record company. They have sold off a lot of their future royalties because they didn’t have enough cash to cover the bill when the record company comes calling. They also have sold off the future royalties of some of the artists they control.

They had to sell property to pay off some investors and to keep his latest business afloat. They went from owning a really expensive property to leasing something not all that great compared to it. They made a bs offer on a house to make it look like they were moving up, but they could never provide proof of funds which is why they lost out. They didn’t have enough money.

Over the past six months, the monthly allowance our A+ lister has been forced to live on has been reduced. the clothes have been downgraded a couple of levels and the household expenses have been cut in half. The big investment he made he needs to get out of but can’t because the entire house of cards would come tumbling down and bankruptcy, both professionally and personally would have to occur. It would destroy their whole brand and image so they keep trying to make it work, but short of winning some type of lottery either of the real variety or some singer breaking out like Adele, it just isn’t going to happen


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