Soulja Boy Claps Back At Reports Saying He Was Fired From ‘LHHH’ Over Threatening Nia Riley.

If you missed the story Soulja Boy announced he quit the show because it was  becoming too ratchet. Click Here to read.

The sources spill the tea on the real reason why Soulja Boy was fired from the show. Of course, Soulja Boy denies the claims.

TJB reports…

Soulja Boy didn’t quit. He was fired after hethreatened Nia (Riley) on social media, pulling out a gun.

The source continues,

That was the last straw. What he did was irresponsible, dangerous and producers considered that a threat. His behavior got him fired.

Soulja responds…

I Left the show  it was too ratchet. Now Mona [Scott-Young] is saying I was fired, but I never received a notice that I was not part of the the show anymore until after I said I quit on twitter. I have my own show coming soon with all my celeb friends that’s going to be huge. It was just too much drama and violence on that show. I have to protect my brand.

A hot ass mess!


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