Tell’em! Beanie Sigel Takes Credit for Putting Philly on the Map In “Good Night” Meek Mill’s Diss.

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Mr. Minaj what do you have to say now?

If you missed Beanie Sigel’s recent diss tracks to Meek Mill click Here to listen.

Well, Beanie Sigel is not easing up on Meek Mill in his latest track “Good Night”.

On the track Beans raps, “Put that beam on your back/Me, the reason beaver leaned on the Ac/Me, the reason Philly even on the map/Me, the reason your silly ass rap.”

Beans continues asserting his OG status over Meek Mill while ripping into the MMG rapper’s street cred. “And I tried to give you some game that Jay gave me … to make the transition from the street to the fame/You got a lil’ fame and tried to add street to your name.


Come through old school….

Let’s not sleep on Beanie’s music catalog runs deep.

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Image result for nicki minaj  laughing gif

Throwback time….



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