Drake Posts A Subliminal Message On The Gram/ India Love Sister Apologizes Over Drake Tweets.


Got damn it Drake I was rooting for you man leave those damn instathots alone. They ain’t nothing but trouble.  It was reported yesterday, Drake was  rumored to be thotting and bopping with India Love. Oh yes India Love who was with the Game a few years back. Click Here if you missed that. Drake with puppy like eyes post subliminal messages on the gram.

  • champagnepapiToo mix up in drama to free my mind but I’m praying for you even in your darkest times. 💀

  • Capture.PNG

In similar news,  India Love’s sister Crystal Brooks apologizes over Drake tweets on social media.

Also sources spill the tea to TJB over Drake and India rumors.

A source tells us exclusively that Drake and India are NOT dating but were in a ‘situationship’ of sorts.

They’re not exclusive. They’re not anything. They had sex and that’s it. Drake doesn’t want ANYONE to know. He’s not a fan that their secret has gotten out.

India Love Sister Apologizes Over Drake Tweets


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