(Update) Cortez Bryant Interview With Rap Radar’s Podcast (10/12/2016)


Video is now available…

Cortez Bryant visits Rap Radar’s podcast and talks about a bunch of various topics including Lil Wayne, Birdman and more with  Elliott Wilson and B. Dot. Are you ready or nah?

Let’s Go!!!!!!!!

  • At the 1:10 mark Cortez discusses Lil Wayne’s new memoir…
  • Cortez says Lil’ Wayne’s journal is not sugar coated it is mainly nothing but his raw thoughts.
  • Says Lil Wayne never have a real job and he took a job in prison. He was just a floor watcher. (4:51 mark)
  • Cortez says soon or eventually he is going to have Lil Wayne tells his side of the story in the (CMR drama) this has been going on for three years or more .. (8:54) mark.
  • Cortez explains they were ready to release the  Carter V  ( 1o:40 Mark)  before you put out a single. You get an advances before you put out the record.  It’s never been a situation in the 12 years (Cortez) has work with Cash Money…. that he had not have to worry about anything financially. They were great partners. This time they (Cortez and Lil Wayne) were ready to put it out and the check did not come. (11:27) mark.
  • Later did the Drake vrs. Wayne Tour.
  • At that point they have to come forward and say we don’t have it. (12:40 mark)

Click Here to listen.



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