Tank on Backlash After Salad Tossing Admission On Vlad TV.


If you missed ‘The BFC’ on Power 105 interview where Tanks talks about his love for anal play click Here to read.

Here’s an update on the situation.

Tank sat down with DJ Vlad to talk about his salad tossing experience he made on The Breakfast Club during an interview. The R&B star revealed that he was open to some pleasures with his former girlfriend and even allowed her to perform on his derriere. While the discussion seemed playful and a lot of laughs were shared, he says he received significant negative backlash. “The feedback was terrible.” Tank said while bursting into laughter. “There were more people against than with. I think that had something to do with people being scared to actually tell the truth, and kind of say some of the freaky stuff they like to do behind closed doors.”

Tank opens up about receiving erotic DMs from a preacher, his thoughts on homosexuality, and his controversial light skin vs. dark skin comments.

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