K. Michelle Chats With Big Tigger On V 103 Talks About Her Love Life With “Dr. Bae”, New Music And More Ish.


It has been awhile since K. Michelle did an interview.

In the beginning of the interview K. Michelle says she is happy right now…..

  • Big Tigger asks K. Michelle about “Dr. Bae”.  (1:34 mark).
  • K. Michelle says, “I love him.” and she lights up the room with her gorgeous smile. K. Michelle is in lovvvvve! It is written all over her face. Awww.
  • K says she’s been knowing Dr. Bae for  18 years.
  • K says she wanted to be with a person that loves her.
  • K says her bae never watches ‘Love an Hiphop’ a day in his life. (4:22 mark)
  • K  talks about bae moving together and the couple wants girl twins. (5:17 mark)
  • K. talks about her fourth albums and says every single album has been number 1….K. continues people tend to forget your receipts.  I have them. She just want to remind some folks.
  • K. says she has tone down her cyber thugging and don’t pay attention to the blogs anymore. (8:32 mark)
  • K. Michelle’s restaurant opens up in two weeks (13:50 mark).
  • After watching ‘ Birth of A Nation’ K. Michelle she stop filming ‘LHHATL’ she felt bad about behavior on ‘LHHATL’ and says girl you up here trying to fight bag lady (Rasheeda) .   (15:28 mark)

This is one of her best interview.


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