Nick Cannon Drops A “Holiday”Freestyle Raps About Chilli…

Image result for nick cannon and chilli if i was your man

Before I get into the story when is Nick going to drop the video ‘If I Was Your Man’ with Chilli .

On October 8, Nick raps on the freestyle…

“Messing with a chick from Jersey or is it Philly?” he raps. “Mad she got a body, make them young boys silly / But it’s getting Chilli / And that’s all that’s on my mind / The winter’s coming but I ain’t got time / To tell her lies.”

Nick also raps about Amber Rose.

“Guns and roses, Amber’s way,” he raps. “But I don’t want to get in the way of your family / Seems like yesterday / When you came to my crib and said manage me / I was like, ‘Okay, / But what would Wiz say / About our chemistry?’ / But I was celibate and shouldn’t hit anyway.”


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