Photographer’s suit against Puff Daddy headed to trial in Miami.

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Just when news surface about Miami gave Puff his own day.

Puff is hit with this unfortunate news.

Sean “Diddy” Combs and two bodyguards are accused of punching, chocking and attempting to rob a paparazzi in Miami Beach on New Year’s Eve 2011.

The case has been dragging in court for almost four years because, if you believe the photographer’s lawyers, Combs has made it difficult to get his deposition.

But records show the case is now set for a jury trial scheduled to start Nov. 28.

Court records show Combs, who owns a mansion on Star Island, was able to avoid getting deposed but he was ordered by Miami Dade County Circuit Court Judge Rodney Smith last month to make himself available before the trial.

Cindi Berger, Diddy’s publicist, said her client has been cooperative. It’s just that the charges have been puffed up by the paintiff.

“The plaintiff is a convicted felon who filed a lawsuit that’s totally merit-less,” Berger tells us. “It’s just money grabbing. Mr. Combs has been cooperating and he was inside the hotel at the time of the incident.” Source


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