Poor Choice Of Discussion ‘The Real’ Rumor Has It Section Backfires On Adrienne Bailon And Israel Houghton.

Sings… Love is blind it will take over your mind…

I like Adrienne but after this news was confirm about Isreal’s secret children. Run Adrienne!!!!

Oh you did not know.

Yesterday, Bossip spilled the tea Isreal has secret side kids.

The Texas State Attorney General just opened a child support case against Israel Houghton demanding he take financial responsibility for two boys ages 2 and 4 years old. Click Here if you missed the story.

 Anyway, ‘The Real’ has a segment called Rumor has it.
Which is a poor choice of topic seeing the trending hot mess with Mr. Isreal.
Peep some of the comments people made in the Youtube section.
  • rumor has it isreal got 2 kids wit the side chick he cheated on his wife for and she filed a child support suit against him. adrienne you gone have to deal wit alot of baggage when you marry this dude good luck

  • Rumor has it Israel got some child support payments to catch up on.. with his cheating ass
    Rumour has it… so ironic because rumour has it that Israel has two kids outside of his marriage that he owes child support to‼️ Adrienne, the man of your dreams is a scary dream.
    • C Fas2 hours ago
    • Children of God: Pray for the discernment of the spirits. That way you don’t need to pay attention to rumours or assume a person is of God simply because they attend church and know the scriptures. These are end times and many false prophets and teachers have gone into the world. The church also has many false christians. The bible says: ‘even the very elect will be deceived’. Don’t be one of them. Study the word of God, test the spirits and examine the fruit.
      Adrienne doesn’t even know who she is. I see a woman that has publicly decided to commit her entire life, to a man that that cheated on his wife of 20 years, the mother of his 4 children and the writer of many of his songs. I see a woman that is so insecure and desperate to settle, that she would cancel the engagement she was in, to only a few months later get engaged to a man who has lost himself. Ms Bailon, Lets not forget you were also ‘friends’ with Israel’s ex wife. Her decision to publicly flaunt her relationship with Israel, as if its something to be proud about demonstrates that she don’t even know herself. We know you were messing with Israel before he was divorced and before you broke your engagement off.
      “Now I am marrying the man of my dreams” So the man of your dreams is a man that cheated on his wife of 20 years, the mother of his 4 children and the writer of many of his songs. The man of your dreams has lost himself and so have you Adrienne. Have you both no shame, a few months after leaving your respective relaationships you jump right into a new one with each other. No time to heal, no time to reflect, no time to enjoy being single. Just one big rush. The sex can’t be that good…
      So let me get this straight Israel has an older child with one woman, three children with his ex wife, two little kids with a side chick and then next year Adrienne would probably be pregnant with his 7th child. This is too messy.

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