50 Cent Makes Fun Of His Baby Mother Shaniqua Tompkins’ Home Foreclosed.

50 does not waste anytime laughing at his baby mother downfall in fact 50 Cent’s petty ass post the news on the gram.

  • Not too long ago, Liza Morales and Shaniqua Tompkins stopped by Raq Rants to talk about their new podcast “2 Queens from Queens”. Shaniqua Tompkins spills the tea on 50 calls him abully and she reacts to his aggressive Instagram posts.
  • Shaniqua Tompkins asked a judge in New York Family Court to “modify” her current $6,700 a month payments for Marquise, 19, because she needs the extra money to send him to school among other things, her lawyer, John Katsandonis confirmed to BOSSIP.

Fameolous reports,  50 Cent’s baby mother Shaniqua was using his name to land gigs for her son to allegedly earn money for herself and son since she is not working. Shaniqua first gig came two weeks ago when TMZ.com allegedly paid her for an interview. Well, it turns out Shaniqua is doing a little worse than we knew.50 Cent posted receipts showing Shaniqua home went up in foreclosure in 2015 after failing to pay $367,500 in full.

50cent😒 I hate to say I told you so, but I told you. Over and over go to work, this is real life. Good Luck !!!



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