A Mess…. Adrien Broner Accused of Choking Waitress.


What is wrong with him?

When is Adrien is going to stop doing stupid ass shit?

He needs a wake up call fast because if he continues with this destructive behavior he is going to end up in prison or dead.

After, folks were begging and pleading for Adrien to not commit suicide not too long ago on social media..

This fool pulls this stunt.

Adrien is accused choking a waitress at a nightclub on Sunday.

According to TMZ Sports has learned … cops were called to Drai’s nightclub around 3:30 AM on Sunday when a female server complained that Broner put his hands around her neck and said, “Bitch, I will knock you out.”

When cops arrived they spoke with the accuser and a witness who corroborated her story. Plus, we’re told the incident was captured on video.

Cops spoke with Broner — who staunchly proclaimed his innocence — but ultimately decided there was enough evidence to cite him for misdemeanor battery.

Broner was NOT arrested — he was simply handed a citation with a notice to appear in court at a later date.

At this rate Adrien is about to give Katt Williams a run for his money for getting in trouble with the law.

Dumb stupid ass shit……

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