Adrienne Bailon Talks About Blogs Lacking Integrity And Tamar’s Exit From ‘The Real’ And More Ish.

Here is some of the things Adrienne discussed with Angie Martinez:

  • Blogs not having journalistic integrity and how people today believe anything that is put out.
  • Being 100% that her man is phenomenal and perfect for her. “I’ve know everything about him…he’s my best friend and I can’t wait to marry me.”
  • Plans to air portions of her wedding on The Real.
  • Where her relationship with Tamar Braxton stands now and how it all went down when Tamar was fired from ‘The Real.’
  • Being renewed for a third season of ‘The Real’ and how amazing it is that an all minority cast has been able to carry a daytime television show.

Watch the interview Here.

In similar news, The 32-year-old former lead singer for The Cheetah Girls opened up to her “The Real” co-hosts on Tuesday about how she was sexually harassed as a teenager in the music business.

“I even experienced an executive that would kiss me on the lips,” she said. “It consistently happened to the point where I was like, ‘This ain’t cool, man. Now he knows I’m not going to say anything.’ Which is not OK…


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