Christina Milian Chats With Wendy Williams On The ‘Wendy Williams’ Show 10/19/2016.



Christina Milian fashion is on point these days.

Today, Christina Milian chats with Wendy Williams.

  • Christina just turn 35 years old.
  • Christina talks about her six year old daughter Violet (1:41) mark.
  • Christina says  her daughter does not wear makeup and talks about crochet braids.
  • Violet has 86,000 instagram followers.  Christina explains why her daughter has instagram (3:44) mark.
  • Christina says she gets along with her Violet’s father (The Dream) new wife (4:19 mark).
  • Christina  talks about her ex. Lil Wayne beginning at the (5:28 mark).  Christina explains the breakup ” It was out in the media … what happened. I think I was delivered different information about what was going on.  Christina denies cheating on Lil Wayne. Christina thinks Weezy had other relationships that she was not aware of and still going actually.
  • That was the reason Christina Milian cut her hair over the Weezy breakup. (6:53 mark).
  • Wendy talks about Toya’s new book says Wayne is the love of her life and every women Wayne meets he loves for Toya in her. (7:25 mark). Christina says I have a lot of text messages from him too. I’m just saying! Christina says she believes Toya.(8:09 mark).



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