Goes Down In The DM.. Cam Newton Tries To Hook Up With Married Business Woman On Social Media.


No, Cam you got the game on twisted.

First of all why Cam type in Hieroglyphics font. No one can barely read that shit.

And, Cam’s baby mother Kia is pregnant with another baby. You outchea trying creep, creep with another female on the low. So cold man. That’s the shit that will have you ass  on an episode of “Snapped”.

Sadly this story is true.

Baller Alert captures the hot mess situation.

Baller Alert got our hands on some DM’s sent by Cam Newton, to the owner of online shop @just4eign. Newton initially enters her inbox and asks her where she lives. She answers Atlanta, makes some small talk with him, and eventually tells the Baller she is married. However, that doesn’t stop Cam from continuing the conversation. In fact, he eventually tells her that he is coming to Atlanta soon and would like to grab lunch or dinner. He also calls her husband a “sucka ass guy” and refers to him as “outdated software.” If that in itself wasn’t weird enough, he gives her the pet name “My Killa.”


Image result


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