Sigh.. Shaniqua Tompkins Claps Back At 50 Cent Over Foreclosure Shade.

Before I get into the story…

Someone in the circle 50 Cent, Marquise, or Shaniqua needs to be the bigger person in the situation. Asap! The beef is longer than the East Coast vrs. West Coast  (Suge Knight, Puffy, and Tupac). All parties in this situation are grown ass people. So start acting like it! Enough of the shading  and leave it offline. At this rate, 50 Cent will be 80 years old dragging Shaniqua talking  about ha ha bitch I hope you fall out your wheelchair. You see where I am going with this… Everyone needs to sit down and start communicating and take ownership. No finger point, no name calling just listen to each other. Fifty stop with the constant favoritism between Marquise and your younger son. You don’t know what life may throw at you.  And, you never know who you may need when you get old. Stop it! Marquise if you want to have a relationship with your father no more shading 50 Cent and try to be the bigger person. If that don’t work keep it moving!  I hope one day there will be a picture of 50 and Marquise smiling on the gram. You both need each other so stop being so damn stubborn. Now if the coins are right I can be the mediator.  🙂

Image result


Anyway, Shaniqua shades  50 cent in the recent foreclosure situation. Read below…


Image result


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