Toya Wright Would Have Another Baby With Lil Wayne, Tamar Braxton Beef and New Book On Breakfsast Club Power 105.


Here is portion of the topics Toya Wright discussed on the show.She doesn’t think that Wayne is ready to be with just one woman, she doesn’t fully trust him.
– She gives her opinion on side chicks.
– How is her relationship with Tamar Braxton?
– Tamar was blocking her from making appearances on “The Real”.
– She became friends from Tiny, they weren’t super close but she considered her a friend.
– She doesn’t feel like a friend should prevent her from bettering herself.
– She came to her brother’s funeral, it was unexpected and a really nice.
gesture. – When people show you who they are believe them.
– Is she planning to do any more television shows?
– Where does she stand with Memphitz now after she filed for divorce?
– Did her brothers passing make her appreciate life more?
– Her daughter wants her to have another baby.
– She would consider having another baby with Lil Wayne if she doesn’t find anyone in the next few years.
– She’ll take the extra step necessary to clear something up for her family and her people.
– What does she think of Wayne’s comments that racism doesn’t exist?
– How does she deal with what Wayne is going through with Birdman with their daughters being really good friends?


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