Babyface Talks About ‘DWTS’, Pebbles’ Lawsuit, TLC and More Ish On ‘Wendy Williams Show’.


Here for this!

    • Babyface explains why he join the show at the (1:13) mark.
    • Babyface reveals he did because his mom passed away 4 years ago … he wants to keep doing things that will make her proud.
    • Babyface had no idea that rehearsals were six hours a day.
    • Babyface talks about the TLC movie at the (5:08 mark) and Pebbles sued over the biopic.
    • Babyface says, “He has just watch the biopic.”
    • Babyface says, “He does not think (Pebbles) robbed them from their money.” (5:43 mark).
    • Babyface continues “I don’t think that happened and they made her too hard. She was a strong woman trying to do business…. There would not be a TLC without Pebbles.
    • Babyface talks about Mary J. Blige divorce with Kendu. (8:11 mark).

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