Tamar Braxton Deletes Post In Response To Toya Wright’s Breakfast Club Power 105 Interview.

Update… Tamar Braxton deleted the ig post!!!!

I hate the fact Tamar took the bait.

Sometimes is best to ignore the petty b.s. and focus on the positive. I understand Tamar was trying to shade Toya over the interview. Well guess what who will be known as the villain or clap back queen Tamar. Speaking of the interview I don’t like the fact Toya constantly talks about the social media feud with Tamar over and over again in various interview. It ‘s getting old. I also do not like the fact Toya downplays her friendship with Tamar. It’s not right. Tamar went hard and defended  Toya in the K. Michelle feud.  What Tamar needs to do is tell her side of the story in an interview and move on from there.  There is lack of communication on both parts and this is what you have here today. A mess!

If you missed Toya’s interview  yesterday on the Breakfast Club click Here to watch.

Tamar post this message on the gram



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