Derrick Rose Is Glad To Put Civil Trial Behind Him.


On October 19th, Derrick and his friends  were cleared of all charges in his civil rape case.

On Saturday, Derrick Rose rejoined the New York Knicks  was eager to put his civil trial behind him and get back to playing basketball.

Rose was with the team for the first time since Oct. 4, when he left for his trial in Los Angeles after a preseason game in Houston. In a in recent interview Derrick talks about his recent legal situation.

“The issue was a huge issue. I took it very serious,” Rose said after Saturday’s practice. “I’m a grown man. I put myself in this situation and I had to get myself out. I was focused the entire time.

“Out of all of this, the only thing that really hurt me was missing my son’s birthday party, missing his birthday. Those were the two things that I was worried about the most. Not being there with my family … it hurt. And being there for my son. That was the only thing.”

Rose was asked whether he felt vindicated after maintaining his innocence.

“A little bit,” he said. “But at the same time, there was another person that was involved in this. So, if anything, I’ve just been praying for myself and praying for her because the issue is very big in the States and everywhere. So just praying for everyone that was involved and knowing that all this is out of my control.


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