Bull Shit.. Trick Daddy “Advises” Black Women To Tighten Up.


Trick Daddy has some advice for black women.

In a profanity laced clip on the gram Trick Daddy tells  black women to step  their  game up.

“These Spanish, these white hoes they are starting to get finer than a motherfucker. Ya’ll black hoes better tighten up… Ya’ll doing all that extra shit for nothin’. You not achieving nothing bitch.. You getting your ass and titties done  just to got to a local club. These Spanish and White hoes are getting spiffy. They learn how to fry chicken and yall gonna be useless.” ….”

I heard so many bitches and hoes I thought it was a got damn rap song. Got damn.

So…was Trick Daddy saying this shit when majority of the black women were copping his albums  many years ago. I was going to throw shade but I do not want to be waiving at the wrong side of the gates (hell).  However, I will say this Trick will be a distant memory  for now on. I don’t support “New Blacks” or no sell outs. If you are not going to uplift black women. You can kiss my ass.

Image result for Rev. Leon Lonnie Love gif

Y’all black girl better tighten up ..

A video posted by KingDingaLing (@trickdaddydollars) on Oct 25, 2016 at 7:02am PDT

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