Say What Now? One Of These Ladies Monica, Eve, Ashanti, And Angela Simmons Will Be The Co Host For ‘The Real’.

It looks like the rumors were true about  ‘The Real’ looking for a fifth co-star to replace Tamar Braxton.

B. Scott spilled the tea in August about are all on the producers’ shortlist as potential replacements.

According to People Mag, A fifth co-host chair is opening up at The Real for the month of November, and PEOPLE has the exclusive list of celebrity guest co-host, The four lovely ladies that are in mention in the title might snag a gig with ‘The Real’.

Monica was previously on the show which she addressed the Brandy feud.

Lonnie recaps a fan if Brandy would participate in Monica ‘s #SoGoneChallenged ofcourse Brandy responds ” Child Bye”.

Monica responds, ” I tell you the Real I’m not bothered at all… Honestly, the old me and the new me are two different things. And this journey of self- progression and self- love and empowerment that I’m on, I can’t go backwards. I think that that was just a test from God for me.”

Tamar “allegedly” was salty about Mo and Toya Wright over making an appearace on the show.


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