It’s About Time… Teyana Taylor Announces Her FADE 2 FITNESS Plan.


Back in August in Teyana interview with Fader and talks about her workout DVD and her gorgeous body in Kanye West ‘s video.

So the fitness video is actually going to happen!

Yes. It needs to happen. Dance is underrated in the fitness world and it’s time to bring out that happy medium. I don’t work out. I would be lying if I said that I was a workout guru. But dance is the reason I’m in this position. Dance can be that beautiful. It’s almost scary to know that my body comes from dance. People ask me what’s my secret. Dancing is no secret, it’s mine. This the answer to my body and what people see. Why not make that medium fun? And also let other women feel and see like, “Yes, I can do this and get results.” In a couple of weeks, I’ll have all of that. Everything you would need to know, down to my stomach, my legs, my butt, and my arms, all in one DVD. Once you purchase the DVD, it’s going to come with the coconut oil.

Here’s an update on the story.

Teyana announces ‘Fade 2 Fit’ workout..

teyanataylorI’m proud to FINALLYYYYYY announce FADE 2 FITNESS!!! Everyone, please check out the link in my bio! Sign up to stay updated on upcoming dance workouts and behind the scenes footage of my workout choreography that I did to get back in shape after having baby Junie! DONT SLEEP ON DANCE!! The new year is AROUND THE CORNER so sign up, Submit and dance with me to 2 Get Fit!!! 💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽


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